Legs Abs

Everyone can appreciate the majesty of a killer leg workout. After some time in the squat rack, you are usually seeing spots and looking for a cane. But sometimes, going sans barbell is a great way to introduce some fresh, functional challenges to your routine while maintaining leg mass and maybe even carving in some new detail. This short workout, which includes some departures into abdominal training, will do just that.

This leg and abdominal circuit serves multiple purposes: it jacks your heart rate up and burns fat. No equipment is needed for this muscle sculpting workout, so these exercises can be performed anywhere. We’ll address your quads, hamstrings and lower abdominals (a trouble area for most dudes) with six simple moves.

If the bodyweight-only approach strains the ego of your inner alpha, you can hold dumbbells while performing your lunges but the goal is simplicity. And you can rest easy knowing that 10 high-octane jump squats to start each circuit will have you reconsidering that trip to the dumbbell rack.

While performing the side plank raises, you want to distribute the weight on the entire full arm at full extension with one foot on top of the other. At the top, your spine should be straight. Then, lower your hip down to the floor to perform and reverse the movement to return to the starting position for 10 total reps.

Side Plank Exercise


Exercise                                          Reps

Jump Squat                                       10

Lying Leg Raise                               20

Alternating Lunge                             10 (each leg)

Side Plank Raise                              10 (each side)

Mountain Climber                             20 touches

Crunch                                                20

–Repeat entire circuit five times.
–No rest between exercises or circuits.
–You may use dumbbells on the lunges, if desired.