Injuries are an unavoidable risk for any athlete who goes hard in the gym and on the playing field—and that’s why it’s so vital to “pre-hab” your body. Here, Kelvin Gary, C.S.C.S., presents five pre-hab moves that can help you protect your joints, ligaments, and muscles—no matter what your training entails.

First things first: Foam rolling will ensure you don’t have any knots inhibiting muscle contraction and relaxation. Then try hand walks, which build shoulder stability and stretch the hamstrings. Next up are the static hurdler stretch (which opens up the hips) and band pull-aparts (which activate the backs of the shoulders and rotator cuffs). Finally, neck rotation stretches ensure that there’s enough flexibility to avoid compensating with other parts of the body.

Together, these moves will hit every body part and help you avoid any game-ending injuries.

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