Workout Routines

Big & Lean: Back-Blasting Workout

Fitness model, actor, and M&F contributor Mehmet Edip uses any training means necessary to build muscle without adding fat.

Big & lean back workout Mehmet Edip
Duration 90 min
Exercises 9
Equipment Yes

When it comes to training, Mehmet Edip will do almost anything to get bigger and more shredded. Name the method, he’s tried it. “I do German volume training, occlusion, dropsets, and pyramids,” says Edip. (And if you don’t know what any of that is, keep reading M&F—we’ll get to it.) “Pyramid sets, where you increase weight as you lower reps, are the most beneficial,” Edip says, “because they increase strength and keep you lean.”

Edip lifts weights six days a week and does four cardio sessions. On the diet front, Edip cycles his carb intake to stay lean year-round. A SmartShake-sponsored athlete, Edip says his success as a model is largely due to his wide lats and delts—combined with a small waist. The back-blasting workout below will help you get the same aesthetic look. Edip says to do this workout once a week for four to six weeks for best results.

Age: 31
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 180 lbs
Residence: Los Angeles
Sponsor: SmartShake

The Workout

Exercise 1

Wide-Grip Pullup You'll need: Pullup Bar How to
Wide-Grip Pullup thumbnail
2 sets
15 reps
-- rest

Exercise 2

T-Bar Row You'll need: Barbell, V-Handle Attachment How to
T-Bar Row thumbnail
3 sets
6-8 reps
-- rest
Do 1 warmup set of 15 reps

Exercise 3

Lat Pulldown You'll need: Adjustable Cable Machine, Lat Pulldown Bar How to
Lat Pulldown thumbnail
8 sets
Pyramid 15 to 1 reps
-- rest
Start at 15 reps; increase weight till you reach 1RM and cut reps by two for each set.

Exercise 4

Supinated-Grip Lat Pulldown
exercise image placeholder
2 sets
15-20 reps
-- rest

Exercise 5

Dumbbell Pullover You'll need: Bench, Dumbbells How to
Dumbbell Pullover thumbnail
4 sets
10-12 reps
-- rest

Exercise 6

Rack Pull You'll need: Barbell, Squat Rack How to
Rack Pull thumbnail
3 sets
10-15 reps
-- rest

Exercise 7

Static Back Extension You'll need: Roman Chair How to
Static Back Extension thumbnail
3 sets
20 reps
-- rest

Exercise 8

Dumbbell Shrug You'll need: Dumbbells How to
Dumbbell Shrug thumbnail
3 sets
6-8 reps
-- rest
1 warmup set of 10 reps

Exercise 9

Face Pull You'll need: Adjustable Cable Machine, Rope Attachment How to
Face Pull thumbnail
3 sets
10-15 reps
-- rest