There's no doubt that big traps are a must when constructing the ultimate upper body. This trap targeting workout from Mike Chang of and Six Pack Shortcuts on YouTube will really help you bust out some killer mountain traps in no time.  

Along with Chang's advice to use"heavy ass weight" for developing giant traps he also presents three of his favorite trap exercises for adding some serious size up top. Even if the weight is not that heavy, you'll quickly start feeling the burn as the workout progresses. The moves aren't complicated or fancy—just proven to deliver big-time results for big-time traps. 

The Workout:

3 rounds – 15 reps for each exercise30 sec. rest between sets.

Exercise 1. Dumbbell Shrugs 

Exercise 2. Barbell Shrugs

Exercise 3. Side Laterals (all the way up)


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