At-home or bodyweight workouts might be a new thing for most people, but certified personal trainer and soccer coach Andy McDermott has been doing it for years.

His YouTube channel, McDermott Family Fitness and Homeschool, is filled with workout routines you can do anywhere along with homeschooling tips (he and his wife, Julie, have taught their four children themselves). He’s also written many bodyweight and at-home workout routines for Muscle & Fitness in the past — here’s his fat-torching jump rope routine.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic shut down gyms everywhere, McDermott had not uploaded a fitness video in about a year. But now he’s on a mission to keep people motivated during these tough times to get a workout in from their apartment, nearby playground, or just about any open space.

The actor (catch one of his highlight reels here) has developed a five-move circuit with beginner and advanced exercises. Click on the hyperlink for each move to see how to perform them.

How it works: For the beginner moves, shoot for 10 quality reps of the first movement before moving onto the next one without resting until you complete all five moves — that’s one round. Try for three rounds, only resting when needed. Otherwise, keep moving!

If you pick the advanced challenge, do each exercise for 30 seconds and perform as many reps as possible. Try for five rounds – just do it safely with quality movements.

Andy’s tip: “Remember guys; the very best type of workout for each of us is the one that we will do consistently! Consistency is the key—don’t push too hard on any one exercise or over-exert on any one workout. The real key to progress is to do something positive for your body every day.”