George Bamfo Jr. has earned a reputation among his two million+ Instagram followers for offering tangible advice that we can try for ourselves. And, George Bamfo Jr’s Ab Workout, you’ll be working your core in a way that will have your six-pack popping, just make sure to eat right too.

There’s a reason that Ludacris is George Bamfo Jr.’s biggest client. The 33-year-old coach, born in Ghana, West Africa, moved to Dallas and then Houston, TX as a child but later relocated to Atlanta, GA to support his famous boss. The two have developed a bond in fitness that keeps them both accountable. From there, he’s worked out with Usher, Tyrese Gibson, and Kevin Hart.

“Celebrities now, are taking fitness seriously,” explains Bamfo Jr, acknowledging that actors want to become athletes these days, rather than develop ‘show muscles.’ To that end, Bamfo Jr explains that no ab workout will reveal it’s results if the nutrition aspect is not dialled in. “You’re not gonna have the body composition that you want,” he says. “You’re not gonna see your abs, and they are not gonna pop out as much as they need to. You won’t have that lean look; you’ll be bloated with a lot of sugar and inflammation.” But while abs are certainly revealed by dropping fat, the size and shape of them is determined by your workouts.

The coach explains that he focusses a lot on core and while he tries to throw in at least three ab sessions in per week, he’s not afraid to add yet another session on his recovery day. “Save and try Sunday morning,” says Bamfo Jr, who never stops moving!

5 Tips for Six-Pack Abs

5 Tips for Six-Pack Abs

Whittle your middle with these nutrition strategies from a registered dietitian.

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George Bamfo Jr’s Full Workout Split

  • Day 1: Leg, Core and Cardio
  • Day 2: Chest
  • Day 3: Arms: Biceps and Triceps, Core
  • Day 4: Back
  • Day 5: Legs, Core
  • Day 6: Shoulders and Cardio
  • Day 7: Active Recovery

George Bamfo Jr’s Ab Workout

Invisible Rope Crunch: 30 seconds

Knee-in Twists:  30 Reps

High Crunches: 20 Reps

Knee-to-Elbow: 30 seconds

Leg cross Knee-to-Elbow: 20 Reps each leg

The PT says that if you are just starting out with core workouts, you can reduce the number of reps and even place your hands on the ground where necessary for support. For those who want to ramp up the intensity, simply increase the number of rounds that you want to execute. This workout will get those abs popping, for sure!

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