Turns out finding a middle ground in your exercise may be more possible than you thought. A new study shows that 15 minutes of exercise per day may be just enough for many adults. 

According to a write up of the study on Time.com, French researchers studied two groups; one who followed 65-year-olds for 12 years, and another who followed 60- year-olds for 10 years. The researchers discovered the risk of death in these individuals lowered as they exercised more.  

The authors of the study also stated that 15 minutes of physical activity is enough for those who may not have time for a more lengthy workout. 

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Furthermore, small changes in physical activity can eventually lead to bigger changes, even encouraging older adults to slowly incorporate more activity, allowing them to get closer to the current exercise recommendations. 

If more may be better, even a little is already good,” said the authors.