By the end of February, most New Year’s fitness resolutions are abandoned.

Gold’s Gym analyzed check-in data among its more than three million members over the past four years. Researchers found that gym attendance among new members begins dwindling 41 days after the New Year (Feb. 10), with most new gym-goers falling off what they call the “fitness cliff” by Feb. 24. Jamie Eason — a fitness magazine cover model, writer, and public speaker— has tips to help keep your fitness resolutions on track this year.

1. Invest In It

Female doing online shopping for athletic clothing and sneakers for new years resolution

“Buy yourself new exercise clothes, sneakers, or a workout bag,” says Eason. Doing so will prove to yourself that you’re taking your fitness goals seriously. Plus, “not wanting new and/or expensive equipment to go to waste will make you more apt to get off the couch and use it.”

2. Get On a Program

A workout plan notebook for your exercises to keep your workout consistency for your fitness resolutions

Not knowing how you’ll get from point A to point B is a sure way to never get there. You don’t need to earn a degree in exercise science, but take the time to look up or write out a plan that will help you build muscle, lose fat, or stick with your new diet. Want it all mapped out for you? Click here for our 12-week transformation workout program.

3. Rock Out

Physically fit man wearing headphones while doing outdoor exercises

“Keep your gym music fresh,” Eason says. “Find new tracks or swap playlists with friends.” Even your favorite head-banger hits can get stale after a while, and fail to provide the motivation you need for intense, productive workouts. “Associating your workouts with fun music or escapism will make you not want to miss them.”


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