After one has been training for a few years, manifesting new muscle becomes an increasingly more difficult endeavor. Since the human body has such a profound ability to adapt to stress, you must continually find new ways to increase your workout intensity, or hypertrophy will come to a screeching halt. One of the best methods for pushing your muscles out of their comfort zone and forcing them to grow bigger and stronger is through the regular use of supersets.

In general, a superset is comprised of two movements done back to back with no rest in between. The goal is to reach momentary muscular failure on the first exercise and then to immediately move to the next – again pushing until exhaustion is achieved. However, there are many different types of supersets, as well as ways to fit them into a workout. We will now explore eight, unique muscle-building supersets that will help you get supersized just in time for summer!

Man Doing High Cable Curl in the Gym

The 4-Week Fat-Burning Superset Workout Routine

Who says lifting weights doesn’t burn fat? This 4-week program comprised entirely of supersets will ...

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