How many times have you walked past your gym’s pool and almost worked up the nerve to step outside of your typical cardio routine?

To give up the comforts of the horrible gym soundtrack or being able to shuffle through your own playlist and text messages while breaking a sweat for the seclusion of the water is something that deters a few gymgoers. What they’re missing out on is a calorie-burning, no impact, full-body workout. And doesn’t working out in the water sound awfully comforting in this summer heat?

Two-time Olympic swimmer Scott Dickens is an obvious advocate of the benefits of swimming and helping swimmers train effectively. He’s now the director of  strategic partnerships at FORM, the world’s first smart swim goggles that provide real-time performance metrics while you swim.

Dickens was a power sprinter, competing mostly in the breaststroke events. That required him to generate a lot of power while maintaining consistent speed. His workouts were on the explosive side, consisting of box jumps with weights or a medicine ball, squats, bench press, and shoulder press. Assuming you don’t have your sights set on the Paris Games in 2024 and are looking into adding swimming to your everyday fitness routine, Dickens offered his advice on getting started and ways you can become a better swimmer to make sure you’re getting a quality pool workout.

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