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Get 25% Stronger in 12 Weeks

This advanced, three-phase program will lead you to new muscle the old-fashioned way - by helping you move more weight than ever.

Get 25% Stronger in 12 Weeks
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For us recreational enthusiasts, there are few things that provide more inspiration than the audible feats of strength that take place in our own gyms every day. The clanging of non-collared plates on a big set of squats. The seismic thud of a stacked set of dumbbells hitting the floor. The primitive, rep-beating grunt of fellow strength-seeking men. It’s this cacophony of iron that pushes us to push ourselves. We want to move more weight - lots more - and we’re ready to put in the work.

If that sounds familiar, this strength training workout routine, designed and gym-tested by our fitness director and senior science editor, is for you. It’s a 12-week, big-weight, balls-to-the-wall strength boot camp, with each four-week phase providing a different focus to keep the gains coming.

At the end, if you’ve adhered to your training and observed proper rest and nutrition, you’ll have boosted your three-rep max on all of your major lifts by roughly 25%. Now that’s something to yell about.

25% Stronger Split

Follow this split all three months of the program. Weight training is limited to three days a week, but if you push yourself as hard as possible during those workouts, trust us: You’ll need every minute of those four days to rest. Complete muscular recovery from these intense sessions is essential to your ultimate success on this plan.

Day            Bodyparts Trained1Chest, shoulders, triceps2Rest3Back, biceps, abs4Rest5Legs6-7Rest