Leg Exercises

The No Squat Leg Workout

Refuse to do barbell squats but still want a big, strong lower body? Give this routine a try.


For every guy who says no leg workout is worth a crap without including barbell squats, there’s at least 10 others who, for whatever reason, simply refuse to squat. Maybe it’s because of a past injury. Or perhaps it’s just a matter of hating squats. Either way, we can’t make anyone do squats. What we can do is offer a leg workout that even in the absence of the “king of all exercises” still blasts the quads, glutes and hamstrings to deliver some serious lower body size. The following “no-squat” routine accomplishes just that.

Training Protocols: Heavy compound movements with high-rep drop sets


The Benefits

Utilizing compound movements and targeting more muscle groups at once will improve your workout efficiency.

Shortened rest periods increase training intensity, releasing more natural muscle-building hormones and charging resting metabolism rates for hours after the workout is over.

Supplemental movements (dumbbell swings and leg extensions) will focus on post-exhaustion techniques to stimulate more intensity and muscle growth.