Just like any other regular guy, WWE superstar John Cena has a special place in his home where he can retreat and find solace with typical things that guys enjoy. And while such a room reserved for men usually calls for a big-screen TV and a big-ass reclining chair with a place to park one’s beer, Cena’s male sanctuary is a bit more refined, which is why he prefers to call it a “Gentlemen’s Room” rather than the more blue-collar version commonly known as the “man cave.”

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So what sets Cena’s space apart from the average Joe? To start, it’s in a mansion which he resides in along with his beautiful and talented girlfriend, Nikki Bella. The room is also stocked with the finest scotch and cognac, every helmet from the defunct XFL, several TVs, a few chess boards, and of course its own ventilation system to keep all that cigar smoke from going into the rest of the house. 

Once inside The Prototype’s home, the only two things needed to get into the “Gentlemen’s Room” are a password and a penis. And since Cena shares the password in the video above, it shouldn’t be a problem for any guest with the required equipment to experience the wonder of the testosterone-exuding room. 

Speaking of exuding testosterone, be sure to check out WrestleMania 33 this Sunday evening to find out what’s in store for Cena, along with other top WWE superstars as they battle it out at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, FL. 

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