M&F Iron Maiden: Astrid Swan Never Skips Leg Day

The steamy celebrity trainer has Olivia Munn and Ryan Seacrest among her clientele.


Model-trainer Astrid Swan is proof you can’t judge a book by its cover. Yes, she’s stunning, but if you stepped into her boot camp class she’d leave you weeping on the floor. At age three, she told her parents she wanted to change the world. Here’s what else you need to know about her.

In Session: Julianne Hough, Olivia Munn, Ryan Seacrest and Aaron Sorkin have all attended Astrid's classes.


  • Hates it when guys forget to work on their legs. “It drives me insane when I see men who have great traps, shoulders, and back, and then it’s ‘What’s going on down there?’” 

  • Loves Enrique Iglesias. She saw him in the casino after his concert in Vegas and hid behind the slot machines because she was so nervous. 

  • Enjoys any kind of nut butter and will sit and eat the whole jar if you let her. “I should probably go to some sort of a 12-step about this.” 

  • Likes to flirt, but you better be up for a challenge. “I’m not the type of girl who’s going to be like, ‘oh, he’s so cute’ and just giggle. I like a good verbal sparring match.” 

  • Once had to plunge into a snowbank to get to her car. Rather than sit in wet clothes for the two-hour drive to her photo shoot, she hung them on the seat to dry. Truckers blowing their horns made for a “fun” ride. 

  • Feels sexiest after a killer workout. The “post-gym glow” and slicked-back hair make her feel confident and powerful. 

  • Still wears her retainer every night.

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