One goal of every bodybuilder is to be able to parlay the training into business success. It isn’t only about paying the bills this month. Long-term financial freedom as to be considered as well. Great examples of champions who mastered the business world include Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jay Cutler. Another person whose model could be followed is 2019 Olympia 212 Champion Kamal Elgargni.

He told Dennis James on this week’s episode of The Menace Podcast that he attributes his financial freedom to making sound business decisions.

“I’ve got two big gyms in Libya. They’re doing very, very well,” he told James. “I’ve also got two supplement shops and properties here in the U.K. I’ve also got my hands in other business, not just bodybuilding.”

Even though he’s worked hard to be in the position he’s in, he was empathetic that the same can’t be said for many athletes in the sport. His advice to them is to broaden their horizons away from sponsorships because relying on them could cost them.

“A lot of these pro guys, they want to rely on sponsorships only. Most of these companies that have been locked down or shut down, they stopped paying their athletes. When you rely on one thing, you’re going to crash,” he said.

Another reason for Elgargni’s success is that he works hard consistently in and out of the gym. That is why he was able to win the Olympia two years ago. Even at the age of 49, he is still confident that he can win that title back, and that is where his focus is currently.

“To be honest, I’m going to really, really train hard. I’ve kept my condition, I’m not really that far off from where I was. But I promise to bring something that is really as good as what we brought before.”

James and Elgargni also talk about his career in Qatar, the controversy surrounding his unfair ban from competing, and more about his business success. James advised any fan or aspiring athlete that wants to learn how to succeed in and out of the sport to watch this episode in its entirety over at the Muscle and Fitness YouTube channel.

Some topics are:

2:25 – Early Bodybuilding Career/Competing in Qatar

15:24 – Returning to England & Not Being Allowed to Compete

19:12 – Kamal Joins IFBB Pro League and Winning the Olympia

21:41 – Did He Ever Quit During His Ban?

26:38 – Bodybuilding and Business

30:15 – Bodybuilding in Other Countries

33:10 – Thoughts About Retirement and Moving to the US?

38:30 – Staying Focused on Competing

43:28 – Back Home in Libya and Family

46:00 – Success in Late 40’s

47:40 – 2019 Olympia

52:36 – 2020 Olympia/Shaun vs. Kamal

1:01:39 – What He Will Do for 2021 Olympia

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