The Lifeguard: Joshua Williams

With lives at stake each day, this Isopure athlete finds the perfect formula for optimizing his physical conditioning.

Name: Joshua Williams
Occupation: Lifeguard
Age: 36

It may look like a chill job to those who see it on TV, but being a real-life lifeguard is no day at the beach. Just ask Joshua Williams who ventures into dangerous waters on a daily basis to save lives. The stakes are high each time he heads out to sea, and being in peak condition is tantamount to emerging alive. "Being an ocean lifeguard has allowed me to use my athleticism and decisive thinking in extreme conditions to protect people, says the incredibly fit protector of the sea. "My passion stems from my overwhelming love of being around the water. In addition to plucking people from the angry ocean, Williams also finds the beauty in the vast waters through his passion for filmmaking and photography. "They are my way of capturing a world of beauty, and creating a narrative using composition and storytelling." Here's some more about Joshua and his job as a lifeguard. 

M&F: How long have you been active in your field and how did you get into it?

JW: This is my 15th summer working the beaches of Los Angeles County. I started photography in high school and never wavered.

What types of training did you have to do to get where you are today?

Swimming, surfing, and rock climbing.

How does your job require you to be physically fit on a day to day basis?

When mother ocean decides to send swells to the coast of Southern California, the grim reaper comes along with her wanting to make soup out of people. In a 8-10 hour shift one ocean lifeguard can make up to a dozen rescues or more, which means a lot of running and swimming in and out of the water. Distance to victim can range up to 50-100 yards off the coast, which requires swimming out to them and pulling them back to shore through heavy surf.Tell us a little about your exercise/training regimen:Surfing, sand running, climbing, aquatic center pool training a few time a week (3,000 yards every hour), and ocean swimming

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