Location: Sydney, Australia
Age: 26
Profession: Personal Trainer, Business Owner (Battle Fit Australia), Head Trainer (Active Escapes).
Fitness Style: I’ve adopted many styles, from strength training to ultra endurance.
Go-to Exercise: The Kettle Bell would be my number one tool for building strength, power, speed, muscular endurance, correcting asymmetrical deficiencies, build stability and cardio vascular conditioning.
Favorite Workout Song: “Lose Yourself” by Eminem

How did you get started in fitness and Team Performix?

I have always been involved with fitness from competing at high levels in school. But it really grew from my time in the Australian Military and competing on ESPN’s television series ‘Search4Hurt’. I’m Performix’s first international athlete and I’m honored to watch this special community grow in the land down under.

How are you driven in fitness and in life?

I’ve grown a passion for using fitness to not only forge stronger, fitter individuals but happier and more wholesome humans. I’m now able to share this passion with 100’s of members at Battle Fit Australia and across the globe with Active Escapes.

What advice can you give to our fans who are just starting out or looking to get back to the gym?

Find healthy motivation that doesn’t confine you to serve a sentence to your nutrition or training. Learn to adopt your fitness pursuits to a life you want to lead, be realistic and most importantly surround yourself with others who want to see you succeed.

If you had to pick only 3 exercises what would they be and why?

I would adapt three exercises utilizing the Kettle Bell: Single-Arm Swings, Goblet Squat and Turkish Get-Up.All three exercises will develop many transferable skills to all facets in life and fitness. Strengthening connective tissue, enhancing ability to join your kinetic chain to generate most bang for your buck.

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