Location: LA
Age: 28
Profession: Sports/Fitness Model
Fitness Style: Hybrid Athlete
Go To Exercise: Lateral box jump burpees
Favorite Workout Song: “Savage” by Whethan

How did you get started in fitness and Team Performix?

I started working out doing sports, then transitioned into calisthenics to maintain measurements for work. I got started with Performix by doing workouts on social media. They noticed my content and asked me to be a part of the team.

How are you driven in fitness and in life?

I push myself in every aspect of life to be the best possible version of myself I can be.


What advice can you give to our fans who are just starting out or looking to get back to the gym?

Set a goal for yourself, something attainable that keeps you getting up in the morning and will push you throughout the workout each and every day.

If you had to pick only 3 exercises what would they be and why?

  • Burpees—they are a great full-body, explosive cardio workout
  • Push-ups—because of how limitless in creativity you can be with them
  • Sprints— cardio is key and they can be mixed in with other workouts

Follow Ryan on Instagram at @rynosaurusflex.

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