Poachers are killing about 100 elephants everyday for nothing other than their tusks, and that doesn’t sit well with Arnold Schwarzenegger. In a letter written on behalf of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s (WCS) 96 Elephants campaign, The Terminator sheds light on the harrowing plight of Africa’s remaining elephants and urges taking a stand to help prevent their extinction from the wild. 

To further drive home the point, Schwarzenegger appears in a video (below) blowing up an ivory tusk to send a clear message that the world needs to rid itself of ivory demand. With the public’s action, we can significantly lessen the needless slaughter of these beautiful animals and say hasta la vista to poachers once and for all.

According to the WCS, Arnold’s efforts couldn’t be more timelier. A dangerous policy rider has been proposed in the House Interior Appropriations Bill that would undermine efforts by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) to curtail the illegal trade of ivory in the United States.

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The language would roll back FWS efforts to tighten existing regulations on African elephant ivory to the system that existed prior to 2014, ensuring that poached ivory can still be easily sold in U.S. markets after it sneaks through the border. In addition, the language would undermine U.S. diplomatic progress made with China, which represents the best chance for saving African elephants in the wild.

You can take action on the ivory rider by going HERE