Yes, you read that headline correctly. Arnold Schwarzenegger teamed up with Austrian musician Andreas Gabalier to release “Pump it Up (The Motivation Song),” adding “rapper” to the long list of careers the Austrian Oak has held throughout his lifetime.

The video features Schwarzenegger and Gabalier riding bikes around Venice Beach and working out at Gold’s Gym, alongside some stills and archival footage from Arnold’s illustrious bodybuilding career. Meanwhile, the lyrics remind us all to work hard and follow our dreams. No description will ever do the music video justice, so we recommend you watch it to experience all its cheesy glory.

Don’t lie, you’ll be humming this tune all through your workouts for the next week. Never one to mince words, the Oak’s message is clear: “Work like hell, trust yourself, and all your dreams come true.” No one can say they don’t have motivation to get the job done now.

If you’re wondering how this collab came to be, Gabalier describes meeting Schwarzenegger in Kitzbuhel on his website as “real recognizes real.” Gabalier felt so inspired by his friendship with Schwarzenegger that he wanted to make a song to honor his legacy, and Schwarzenegger was so excited about the project that he asked to be featured. And let’s be real, the song is far better for it. Arnold absolutely terminates those bars.

Surprisingly enough, this is technically not the first time Arnold has dipped his toe in the music industry. In 1982, Arnold released Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Total Body Workoutan album on which he shouts motivational workout quotes over pop music hits. There’s a whole lot of synthesizer involved. Schwarzenegger opens the album with a friendly, “Hi, this is Ah-nuld, your training partner!” and the fun doesn’t stop there. If your gym buddy is home sick and you’re stuck working out alone, maybe give it a listen.

Tell your workout playlist, “You’re welcome.”