Arnold Schwarzenegger Learned to Hula With Sly Stallone

And, of course, he had a cigar in his mouth the whole time.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Learned to Hula With Sly Stallone
Todd Williamson / Getty

Arnold Schwarzenegger celebrated his 70th birthday over the weekend, and to show his appreciation for his dedicated fans, he shared a bit of the party with them on Instagram on Tuesday.

Joined by fellow movie stars Sylvester Stallone and Tom Arnold, he learned to hula dance with the help of a female instructor.

Schwarzenegger looked as relaxed as ever in a Hawaiian shirt and Adidas kicks for his island-themed birthday bash, and he managed to hold on to the cigar in his mouth for the entire snippet of the session.

Stallone also posted a video on Instagram to share the kind words he had for Schwarzenegger, a long time friend and competitor.

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