Arnold Schwarzenegger Pumps Iron While Filming 'Terminator' in Budapest

The legendary bodybuilder doesn't let a busy schedule get in the way of his fitness routine.

Arnold Pumps Iron While Filming 'Terminator' in Budapest
schwarzenegger / Instagram

No matter how busy his schedule gets or where in the world he's filming, Arnold Schwarzenegger finds a way to get a workout in.

The Austrian Oak is in Budapest, Hungary filming the sixth installment of the Terminator franchise, but he's not letting that stop him from maintaining his fitness routine. In a series of Instagram posts, he showed fans how to get the most out of any location while staying fit.

In one post, he shared the routine that keeps him going after long night shoots: biking, lifting, and kicking back with a beer.

In another, the seven-time Mr. Olympia got creative with some strength training during a bike ride.


You will always find a place to train if you look for it.

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Schwarzenegger is arguably the original fitness inspiration, and it's no surprise he's still keeping an active lifestyle after decades of motivating bodybuilders around the globe.

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