Aussies Toss Tuna at Tunarama Festival

Hurling tuna as far as you can is just another competition in the wild, wacky world of sports.

Aussies Toss Tuna at Tunarama Festival

There are some wacky sports happening around the world these days, and there was something distinctly fishy about a competition that was held during the Tunarama Festival in Port Lincoln, a coastal town in South Australia.

Every year, the highlight of the three-day gala is its Tuna Toss Competition, which according to the festival's website, allows "people from all over the world 'have a go' at tossing a Tuna for their chance to win the World Championship and a slice of $3,000 cash."

The 17.637-pound blue fin tunas were supplied by local fish manufacturers and all who were willing to have a go, had a go.

The winner of the ladies' competition tossed her tuna 12.25 meters, while the men's champ, Tim Driesen, who is an Australian national record holder at the hammer throw and a bona fide athlete, flicked his fish 30.26 meters back into the sea.

Driesen attributed his success to the form he has practiced as a hammer thrower. ''It's the same sort of technique, but it's a lot different, the weight is different, the length is different, how it's weighted is different, with a hammer it's all at the end of a wire,'' he said, according the the Canberra Times.

Just in case you think all the fun is for the big kids, children from 5-10 can take part in a prawn tossing competition so that tuna tossing champions of the future can be molded.

Check out the tuna tossing here:


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