Strongman Eddie Hall is a bit of a beast. While at the Arnold Austrlia a few months back, Hall deadlifted 1,018 pounds to set a new world record with M&F executive editor Arnold Schwarzenegger there cheering him on.

This time, he posted this video over the weekend of a sensational deadlifting pyramid set. Using 20kg (44.09 pounds) plates, Hall started at 60kg and worked his way up to 420kg (925.94 pounds) and then repped back down to 60kg. It’s 19 reps of omfg. He went on Twitter to talk about it.

Check it out for yourself:

Also on his Twitter feed photo Hall posted of himself as a 14-year-old. As you see he was working the weight even back then, but Hall was also a champion swimmer in his early teens. A man of many talents!