Crews and Mustafa Do Battle in Old Spice Campaign

The two most powerful Old Spice spokesmen make a final pitch for their favorite scent.

Crews and Mustafa Battle it Out in Old Spice Campaign

This past Wednesday, for the first time ever, Old Spice ​Guy​s ​Terry Crews​ and Isaiah Mustafa joined forces at the Redbury Hotel in Hollywood to celebrate their popular "Make A Smellmitment" campaign and the upcoming grand finale commercial, which debuts on Tuesday, Nov. 24 at 6 p.m. ET on ESPN "SportsCenter."

The "Make A Smellmitment" video series gives the Internet what they’ve been demanding for years – commercials with the two most powerful Old Spice spokesmen battling each other for supremacy​ and helping guys make a “Smellmitment” to their favorite Old Spice scent: Bearglove, Swagger or Timber.​   

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The campaign started in August with “And So It Begins” and was followed by five more videos, which have more than 27 million views, and counting.​ The “Make a Smellmitment” grand finale on Tuesday will reveal the much-anticipated conclusion.

Check out some of the truly zany commercials that have made this unique ad campaign so memorable.

And here's the official grand finale spot for the "Make A Smellmitment" campaign -- titled, 'The Truth.' Be sure to check it out to see how it all came to an unforgettable conclusion.