Not pleased with the outcome of the women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match that took place this past weekend in St. Louis? You’re not alone. 

The dissatisfaction with the way Carmella won continues to grow louder by both WWE superstars, fans, and members of the women’s division. What left such a bad taste in the mouths of so many viewers was the way in which Carmella (aka “The Princess of Staten Island”) won the match. 

The scenario leading up to the conclusion involved Carmella’s escort, James Ellsworth, who knocked Becky Lynch off the ladder, then proceeded to climb to the top and nab the briefcase. Once there, he dropped it down to Carmella, which secured her Money in the Bank victory…

…or so it seemed. 

As the uproar swelled over Ellsworth’s involvement in the supposed all-female event, the higher ups decided a redo was in order. 

In a recent interview with Fox Sports, Daniel Bryan, SmackDown‘s GM, admitted he wasn’t pleased with the evening’s result, even if Carmella did in fact win the match legally according to the official WWE rule book: “When you build something up as far as like ‘Hey, this is a really important moment for women in WWE,’ and then a man is the one who climbs up to the top and grabs the briefcase…I think that that really rubs people the wrong way and it sends the wrong message.”

In an effort to make amends to all those who thought the outcome was unjust, Bryan made a huge announcement on Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown in which he ruled that Carmella must surrender the MITB briefcase due to the Ellsworth interference.

The “Princess of Staten Island” will, however, be given a second chance to claim the briefcase when she and the four other women—Tamina, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Natalya—return to the ring for a second go of the Ladder Match on next week’s SmackDown Live.

Maybe Carmella will find a way to win again, but this time it will have to be without the help of a man.