Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson-Inspired Musical to Hit the Stage in London

The mega-star is the subject of a new musical stage show premiering in London this month.

Puppet of the Rock
YouTube / The Unseen Hour

He's appeared on some of the world's biggest stages to showcase his talents, but now "The Rock" will downsize his usual grand venues with an appearance in an underground theater in London for the new musical The People's Rock.

Before you start scooping up tickets, you should know that the actual "Rock" will not perform in the show, but rather a puppet version of him. And instead of the high-octane, ass-kicking action you'd expect from a Dwayne Johnson showing, there will be song and dance. Still, if it's got anything to do with "The Rock," we say it's worth checking out. Here are a few more details about the upcoming show. 

Created and produced by women’s collaboration project Nevertheless, She, The People’s Rock takes a unique look at the world 30 years from now through the eyes of a teenage girl who is infatuated with Johnson. In this future world, there is no TV, Internet, or democracy, and the past is forgotten. But one 18-year-old American girl refuses to let go of her obsession for "The People's Champion". Perhaps this video will help bring things into better focus. 

It's rough going, but with the help of Puppet Rock at least one teenager is able to find some comfort and solace in a bleak world. So what does Real Rock think about this quirky musical? 

“Ah a musical inspired by yours truly. Cool.. who’s hitting the high notes?" said Johnson on Twitter. “Read the premiere. Entertaining, with a strong 18yr old female voice. I love it!" The mega-star went on to say, “Break a leg and I’m there in spirit! #ThePeoplesRock @VAULTFestival.”

The People's Rock will run from January 24 to 28 at the Network Theatre as part of the capital’s VAULT Festival, which presents an eclectic mix of more than 300 shows.