Whether it’s to tease an upcoming project, share an inspirational story, or feature some footage of a typical beastmode session with the weights, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a master at connecting with his audience and getting his message across.

In this recent video shared by Johnson, the mega-star tipped us off as to how he received a certain nickname back in his college football days at the University of Miami. To prove he’s still worthy of that moniker, the gym rat shared a visual that is not for the squeamish.

Check out the carnage in the clip below:

But of course, old Iron Grip is also a softie when it comes to those who are struggling and find comfort in his words.

The millions who have been following “The Rock” on social media over the years have grown accustomed to his many acts of kindness for complete strangers. Lifting the spirits of people battling life’s hardships is something Johnson has a knack for, and the Instagram video below is just more proof that “The People’s Champion” really does care for the common people.

The Rock with cancer survivor

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