Chances are you weren’t around when this TV ad first hit the airwaves back in the ’70s. You do, however, probably recognize the pitchman as none other than bodybuilding legend Frank Zane. Apparently, Arnold wasn’t the only one cashing in on his muscular physique back in the day.  

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In the 60-second spot, the three-time Mr. Olympia successfully performs a massive Olympic lift to take home first place in some sort of international weightlifting competition. When it’s finally time to unwind, the bodybuilding…ahem weightlifting, champ has got just one thing on his mindPabst Blue Ribbon. And can you blame him? We’re talking PBR here—”America’s premium beer since 1844,” proudly says the sponsor. 

Of course the real Frank Zane would likely have a protein shake on his mind after his work with the weights, but who’s to say the man didn’t enjoy a delicious, cold Pabst when hanging out with his buddies at the local bar?  

It was the ’70s after all, when American beers reigned supreme and their catchy jingles seemingly infiltrated every broadcasted sporting event. 

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