New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is famous for his many exploits, from his work on the field to his tendency to party just as hard as he trains.

But one of Gronk’s more hilarious headline-earners is his love of the number 69. So when the horse Gronk part-owns, Gronkowski (yes, that’s the horse’s name too), opened with 69-1 odds to win the Belmont stakes on the betting site Bovada, we couldn’t help but get a little suspicious.

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The odds have gone down a bit since they opened on Wednesday, but there are screenshots of the 69-1 odds floating around.

There’s no word from Gronk yet on the incredibly appropriate odds, presumably because he’s too busy getting pumped for Shark Week.

Although he hasn’t commented, we’d guess that those odds brought him pure joy, as everything 69-related does.

Keep an eye out for Gronkowski (the horse, and possibly the man) on June 9 at the Belmont Stakes.

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