It wasn’t a banner year for the Los Angeles Lakers. The once-dominant NBA franchise found itself in the Western Conference cellar for the third straight season, looking for ways to return to its days of glory.

Enter famed celebrity and athlete trainer Gunnar Peterson. The man responsible for transforming some of the biggest names in showbiz and sports will now be taking the helm as director of strength and endurance training for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Fans of the purple and gold will welcome any help the team can get, and Peterson’s hiring will serve to strengthen the performance and physique of all Lakers players—most notably their 2016 first-round pick Brandon Ingram. The second overall pick in last year’s NBA Draft, the former Duke star is loaded with talent but needs to strengthen and bulk up his 6’9″, 190-lb frame. Peterson will no doubt work with the small forward to help him add the size and strength needed to elevate his game at the pro level. 

The Lakers’ new general manager, Rob Pelinka, recently talked about the importance of Peterson’s hiring in a press release:

“From his time in college at Duke University until now, Gunnar has pursued excellence in training and fitness. Gunnar is a true pioneer and visionary at his craft, and will bring a new mentality to our weight room which we are all very excited about. Since Magic [Johnson] and I have worked with Gunnar in the past, we have a strong relationship with him, which makes working together now feel seamless.”

Along with training athletes from the NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, USTA, boxing, and various NCAA sports, Peterson has contributed countless articles to top fitness publications including M&F and Men’s Fitness. His experience and expertise in the field have informed and educated athletes at all levels to get the most out of their training efforts.