Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce made headlines (again) this week when it was reported by TMZ that the pair had been given the run of a West Hollywood gym, requiring it’s regular clientele to be forced to wait outside in the cold. The gym at the center of this storm in a tea cup has put the record straight however.

Here’s the drama as it unfolded. On Tuesday, TMZ ran a story that said the megastars had overtaken the Dogpound gym for two hours, leaving confused gym goers to wait-out their lengthy gym session in the cold while the celebrities sweated it out. An accompanying photo showed around half a dozen people outside the gym’s front door looking confused. Then, an Instagram post by the same outlet went with the headline; “Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Shut Down Dogpound Gym for Fitness Date.” But, while we were all still wondering just exactly what a “fitness date” entails, TMZ were forced to backtrack on their bombshell story.

In an update to the original narrative, TMZ later folded, writing; “We’ve got some much-needed clarification on what exactly is happening at the gym Taylor Swift frequents whenever she drops in for a workout – and while it’s not nearly as dramatic as it was made out to be .. she does, in fact, get special treatment when she’s there.” A celebrity getting special treatment? Who’d have thought it!? Apparently, a representative at Dogpound had furnished TMZ with the following statement:

“Dogpound is a by-appointment establishment. We value members’ experience and have never had anyone wait outside for 2 hours. The narrative running in the media does not accurately reflect circumstances. We respect the privacy of our clients.” Reportedly, a source told US Magazine that the couple, both 34, arrived at the Dogpound, a gym that Swift has frequented for years, via a private entrance. They did have the gym to themselves but this, of course, is pretty standard practice for VIP’s. And rather than there being any “Bad Blood” between the star couple and regular gym goers, there’s a suggestion that those waiting outside were either fans or excess gym employees not required in the private session. It all leaves us wondering about the real issues, like how did their workout actually go? Did they hit any PRs, and how many new members have inundated the Dogpound since this story blew-up?