When it comes to throwing heavy ass stuff, no one does it better than a strongman, which is why this contest between Hafthór Júlíus ‘Thor’ Björnsson and Zydrunas Savickas is so awesome. In this riveting competition on the Guinness World Records Italian Show – a weekly video series featuring some truly amazing record-breaking attempts, the two mountainous men go head-to head to see who can launch a 46 kg washing machine further for a potential world record.

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The two strongmen are no strangers when it comes to competing against one another. According to GuinessWorldRecords.com this is their 5th battle on the television series. Since the public loves watching these behemoths throw weighty objects, this event was sure to be a big crowd pleaser. Not only do the two want to beat each other, they’re also going for the world record for the farthest washing machine throw by an individual. 

The distance of the toss is measured from the throwing line to the nearest point where the washing machine first hits the ground. It’s amazing just how far both men are able to hurl these massive objects. In the end, it’s Zydrunas earns the top spot with an impressive launch of 4.13 meters (13 ft 6.60 in).

This isn’t the only time the two big men used a kitchen appliance to show off their brute strength. Check out Thor carrying this 992-pound fridge in a past competition with his rival, Zydrunas.