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Titanium, circuit three of Hylete’s C3 Charity Challenge, saw the introduction of burpees into the series of workouts created to donate up to $10,000 to five different charities. The high-intensity workout calls for three exercises to be performed as a circuit for as many reps as possible (AMRAP) in 15 minutes. The suggested equipment, a plyo box/platform, abdominal mat, and kettlebells, are tools often found in CrossFit gyms, therefore, it’s safe to say that at least one of the moves will be familiar to CrossFitters. Take a look at how M&F contributor Mark Barroso conquered the metabolic conditioning workout and sign up to join the cause at hylete.com/C3

Circuit 3: Titanium

The Warmup

Titanium’s warmup includes jump roping, dynamic leg swings, and arm circles. For the complete warmup, check out the Scoring Sheet or visit hylete.com/c3. Barroso is shown here jump roping, performing leg swings and arm circles in preparation for the workout.

The Workout

Titanium calls for three exercises performed for AMRAP in 15 minutes. For detailed video exercise instructions, including the Cool Down routine, visit hylete.com/C3. The exercises of the workout are:

Double Kettlebell Front Rack Lunge: 6 reps (3 each leg)

Butterfly Situp with Abdominal Mat: 12 reps

Burpee with a Box Step-up/Step Down: 6 reps

Barroso’s Results and Analysis

I completed eight full loops of Titanium, plus extra reps of the first two exercises for a total score of 210. I used 40-pound dumbbells for the front rack lunge instead of 16kg kettlebells since I didn’t have access to two 16kg kettlebells. I figured that increasing the weight to 40 pounds would counteract the possibility that kettlebells are harder to hold in a rack position compared to dumbbells. The front rack lunge was the most challenging of the three exercises because it required a great deal of core stability to stay upright in addition to leg strength that comes from more than just running. Weightlifters are at an advantage for this exercise. My tip for the lunge is to make sure your elbows stay pointed upwards, so your triceps are parallel with the ground. This will help your torso stay upright throughout the movement.

For the butterfly situps, I used the HumanX by Harbinger Abdominal Mat, but any abdominal mat that is curved and designed to be placed under you lower back will suffice. If you don’t have access to one of these, try a variation of the butterfly situp where instead of throwing your arms overhead and touching the ground behind you, start with arms extended in between legs, with the backs of your hands against your inner thighs. The end of the situp remains the same, you’ll touch the ground in front of you, but you’ll reduce the impact of the momentum that the full backward arm swing creates.

I didn’t have access to a 24-inch box so for the burpee box step-ups, I stacked a combination of 100-pound and 45-pound plates until the tape measure read 24 inches and stepped onto that. This is the most advanced move in this workout, since it’s actually two exercises meshed into one. Combine an exercise with a burpee and its difficulty increases since the burpee is a full body exercise that serves as a strength and conditioning test in of itself. Stepping up and down from the box prevents injuries that may be sustained during a box jump, such as the all too common shin cuts/bruises from jumping up and knee/ankle joint wear and tear that results from jumping down. The stepup also serves as a strength exercise, building stability and balance in the entire leg.

By the end of Titanium, I had broken a big-time sweat and I’m not a big sweater, unless I’m on the Stairmaster. This is a great finisher to tack onto the end of any strength and conditioning workout for fat burning purposes. I burned 149 calories in 15 minutes according to the Fitbit Blaze. That means you may be able to torch 100 calories in just 10 minutes with this burner.

Circuit 4

The fourth and final circuit of the Hylete C3 Challenge will be released on April 29 but you have until May 8th complete all four circuits. I’m ready to give the final circuit my all and excited to see the final participation numbers for all of the charities involved.

Sign up for the C3 Challenge at hylete.com/c3 and share your results using #hyletechallenge.