Jennifer Lopez is never out of the news as relates to her romantic life but her new movie, Atlas, is thankfully drawing acclaim for her extraordinary work on a gruelling shoot that director Brad Peyton found to be one of the most demanding of his career. It seems that “Jenny from the Block” was able to make the tech look real, thanks to her physicality and intuitive dance skills.

Atlas, out now on Netflix, is a sci-fi adventure that see’s its star, Jennifer Lopez play the role of Atlas Shepherd, searching for a “fugitive AI terrorist” on a journey that takes her to the Andromeda Galaxy. In order to survive, Shepherd is forced to step inside a ‘mech’ (think: giant robot suit) and take control of it during her pursuit. The movie investigates themes such as our deepening relationship with AI, and has proved to be another smash-hit for the “If you had my love” singer. And, while the movie itself has produced typically mixed reviews from the critics, most agree that J.Lo’s performance was a highlight, with director Brad Peyton heaping a ton of praise on his star actor.

How Jennifer Lopez Used Her Dance Training to Keep Her ‘Mech’ Real in Atlas

Peyton, who also directed San Andreas (2015), starring Dwayne Johnson, told the Polygon news site that Lopez was required to carry out most of her stunts across several weeks while on a gimbal rig. Effects and background scenes would be added in post-production, but the believability of the mech’s movement was largely left in her hands (and feet).

“[The mech] would be tumbling, it would be spinning, it would be hit by debris. What would it be like to be trapped in that tin can?,” he said, noting that Lopez was able to bring his vision to life. “Her background as a dancer is what allowed her to really gauge that quickly,” said the director. “As much as she looks like she’s walking, (the mech) is walking her, and she has to react like she’s walking. So that training as a dancer allowed her to step right into it.”

If you would like to see J-Lo’s dance skills up close and personal, you’ll be excited to hear that the multitalented star is deep into rehearsals for her first tour in five years, kicking off on June 26. And, if her recent posts on Instagram are anything to go by, she’s looking seriously fit at 54.

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Atlas is streaming now on Netflix.