John Cena is known for his shredded physique, among other things, so one would assume that he has all the diet self-control of a top-notch bodybuilder. But during a recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, he admitted that one of the side effects of his WWE lifestyle used to be an unexpected addiction: Tic-Tacs.

First, Cena explained that he and his WWE Superstar colleagues try to keep the body odor to a minimum when they step into the squared circle. When Clarkson asked him whether it was feasible to weaponize body odor in the ring, Cena revealed that he’d never even thought of that. Instead, he always made sure to freshen his breath before adjusting his fellow Superstars’ attitudes.

“My thing was always Tic-Tacs,” he told Clarkson. “It’s a nervous superstition that I always have before we go on a broadcast, and I’ve had to wean myself off of them because I was up to like three boxes a day. And it’s right in the 20 minutes before broadcast…it’s pretty much 10,000 calories in straight sugar.”

It’s unlikely Cena actually downed 10,000 calories’ worth of Tic-Tacs, considering one of them contains about two calories and a 1-ounce box contains about 60 Tic-Tacs. But either way, that’s a lot of candy to eat in a day, let alone in the 20 minutes before laying the smack down in a WWE match.