By now, you probably follow Larry Wheels on Instagram (@larrywheels) and know that the 24-year-old powerlifting/bodybuilding phenomenon is constantly pushing his limits in the gym. It seems that he can take virtually any lifting technique and create his own amped-up version, and his latest series of posts does just that with pyramid training. 

Pyramid training is a fairly common way to switch up sets and reps throughout a workout. Rather than doing straight sets of a single weight and number of reps, a lifter using the pyramid method would change the weight and rep count with each set, either going heavier and doing fewer reps or going with a lighter weight and higher reps. Wheels opted to do both (a triangle pyramid) and took it to the extreme by adding or subtracting 90 pounds with each rep.

In three consecutive videos, Wheels worked from 225 pounds up to an 885-pound deadlift, from 135 up to a 500-pound bench, and from 225 up to a 775-pound squat. Check out the lifts below, and please don’t try to lift as much as Wheels does. 




Larry Wheels benching 225 pounds 70 times

Larry Wheels Benches 225 Pounds for 70 Reps

He just keeps going and going.

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