Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has already given us his hip-hop playlist, but this time he’s back with the soundtrack for WWE 2K18. The former wrestler is the executive producer for the upcoming video game, and he dropped off a few tunes to get us hyped enough to run through a gym wall. 

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The game is set for an October 17 release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and later on in the fall for the Nintendo Switch. 

Although “The Rock” has moved on from professional wrestling, it’s obvious that he hasn’t moved on from the gym—and with that comes a fire playlist to match. Johnson has an unorthodox blend of genres and artists on his playlist, but it seems to do the job for him. Both Johnson’s shoulders and arms routines are no joke, so this blend of jams clearly pushes him through the fire. 

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Here’s what Johnson has to say of his own playlist, “My playlist below are some of my personal favorites to workout and get hyped to or if you just wanna be a cool BAMF, I got your back with these tracks.” 

When Johnson’s not throwing around weight he can be seen on Season 3 of the HBO show Ballers, or his commercial/film with Apple, or showing off his new tattoo. As for future projects, he has officially begun shooting the upcoming film Skyscraper, which is about the safest building in the world catching fire—with Johnson being framed for it. On the producer side, his Seven Bucks production company is teaming up with Universal for a movie about the hunt for Genghis Khan’s lost tomb. 

Take a listen, and follow Johnson’s playlist if you need that extra bit of motivation on your next trip to the gym. 


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