It should have been a nightmare. Marcus Bondi, an Australian fitness pro, reportedly set the world record for weighted pullups last weekend when he grinded out 30 40-pound reps in 60 seconds (breaking the previous 26-rep mark). Only one problem: the video quality was too bad to show.

“I actually broke this WR at the National Fitness Expo on the weekend (17 Oct/15), but the video quality/angle was poor,” Bondi says in a Reddit post. His answer? He filmed it again the next day.

Looks like some solid form to us. To top it off, Bondi posted a celebratory woman-weighted pullup video on his Instagram account, along with some tips for how to take your chinup training to the next level.

WATCH: Tips to Master the Standard Chinup

Bondi’s Chinup Tips

In Bondi’s Reddit post, he went over some training tips that helped get him into record-breaking form. Pay attention, if you take these tips in mind you might be able to set a few records yourself!

Listen to Your Body
“The No. 1 rule of making great fitness/strength progress is to AVOID INJURY! So I had to ‘listen to my body’ 100 percent,” Bondy Says. “Be aware of even the slightest pain and what it means.”

Use Supersets
“Start doing ‘supersets’ – using pushup and pullup set combinations. A ‘superset’ is a bodyweight program that alternates key strength exercise sets in order to weave your muscles in as strongly as possible.”

Don’t Forget to Breathe
“In between sets, take deep long breaths; IN through your nose, OUT through your mouth. If you can get to an open window, take in fresh air.”

For more of Bondi’s fitness advice, read his full Reddit post or check out his website.