M&F's Top 5 Super Bowl Plays of All Time

Here's our take on the 5 best plays in football's biggest game.

Armed for Sport

When it comes to "Top 10" Lists (or 5 in this case) everyone has their opinion on what belongs and what doesn't. This, of course, definitely holds true for the greatest Super Bowl  plays of all time. Let's face it, with countless Super Bowls having already been played, there's a ton of great selections to choose from. We think we've found the cream of the crop, but, of course, there's always room for debate. 

That being said, check out our list along with the accompanying videos and let us know what you think. Did we makes the right selections, or did we miss some? Let us know what your top 5 all-time Super Bowl plays are. 

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#5 - John Elway's Helicopter 

Quarterback John Elway, giving it his all in the greatest Denver Bronco game of all time. This run for a first down inspired the Broncos to pull off a huge upset win over Green Bay for the team's first Super Bowl win.