Moving up in weight class seldom serves as an advantage to MMA fighters, which is why Brye Anne Russillo wasn’t too pleased when told she must go up in weight class for her next bout. What’s to blame for this unwelcomed bump? Her double-D breasts! That’s right, it’s her hefty knockers that knocked her out of her current fighting class.

In a recent interview with MMA News, Russillo shared her frustration over the unusual dilemma. “I can’t cut my t**s off and put them on the side, they weight 12 pounds,” said the busty brawler. And while not a common problem among the vast majority of today’s fighters, it is one that must be addressed, as Russillo looks to improve upon her record of one win and one loss.

What weight class Brye Anne Russillo ends up fighting in is anyone’s guess, but the top-heavy talent is already committed to getting down to 135 pounds so she can do her damage in the bantamweight division.