'The Mountain' Humbled by Arm Wrestling Champ Devon Larratt

It takes more than sheer size to come out victorious in this sport.

The Mountain Humbled by Arm Wrestling Champ Devon Larratt

At 419 pounds, you'd think Hafthor 'The Mountain" Bjornsson from Game of Thrones would have an easy time finishing off a man half his weight in an arm wrestling match. However, for anybody who knows a thing or two about professional armwrestling, size doesn't always ensure victory.

Devon Larratt, the man competing against Bjornsson, may only be 225 pounds., but he also happens to be the World Armwrestling League (WAL) Heavyweight Champion who has conquered many a big man on his quest to be the best arm wrestler in the world.

As the two lock hands and put their guns to the test, it quickly becomes evident that the smaller man is toying with "The Mountain." Larrett even takes some time during the competition to offer his opponent some helpful pointers. However, the writing was on the wall well before the match began. Hafthor 'The Mountain" Bjornsson may be the bigger, stronger man, but when it comes to defeating his opponent on the table, he was no match for the skilled WAL veteran.

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