The Rock's Biggest M&F Issue of All Time

Dwayne Johnson put on serious size for his December cover photo shoot.

UPDATED: Here's what it meant to The Rock to be on our December cover:

Best part about this #ManOfTheCentury issue (besides the bad ass old school style poster;) is what it all represents. Hard core training is just a bi-product of something much bigger and more important...the issue represents that regardless of how challenging your hard times in life may be ($7 bucks) there's always a better day if you stay focused, smart and work extremely hard at making yourself as valuable as possible in whatever business you're in. Considering #MuscleAndFitness is and will always be the "health and fitness bible", it's truly an honor to be named #ManOfTheCentury. 100 years from now someone else will be named #ManOfTheCentury or better yet, #WomanOfTheCentury and since I plan on being cryogenically frozen like my boy Han Solo, I look forward to shaking that person's hand. #MuscleAndFitness #ManOfTheCentury #BiggestIssueOfAllTime #HardestWorkerInTheRoom #FrozenRockStillKickinAssIn2115

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Dwayne Johnson is our December 2015 cover guy, and we couldn’t be happier about it. He’s saying it’s an “epic” issue and we have to agree: it is a seriously great one.

Rather than keep you chomping at the bit here are a few outtakes from the shoot to whet your appetite. The issue represents a partnership with The Rock like we’ve never had before, and we are excited about it as we know you are. So, here’s to being patient, and savoring this sneak peek!

Of course I'm a "pretty boy model", can't you tell...? After 75yrs #MuscleAndFitness wanted to create "the biggest issue of all time" and honor me with the title of #ManOfTheCentury for my commitment to global health and fitness. It's one of the coolest things ever and I'm deeply grateful so I agreed to do it under these conditions: No make up, no fancy "workout wardrobe" and no starting and stopping. Just me chalking up and training and in between sets I'll step over and the great @perbernalphoto will capture a few shots, while my good bud and editor @shawnperine steps in to look. I ain't a pretty boy model.. I'm a man of calloused hands, hard work and iron will who handles his business. That said, where in the BLUE F*CK is my double mocha latte and baby oil? #MuscleAndFitness #BiggestIssueOfAllTime #ManOfTheCentury #HardestWorkerInTheRoom #ChaseYourGreatness

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