'The Rock' Fakes Gnarly Injury on 'Central Intelligence' Shoot

Dwayne Johnson is known to be a tough guy who likes to play pranks every now and again.

The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne "The Rock" John is one tough guy -- a seemingly very broken, right ring finger was a laughing matter while he was on set of his latest movie, Central Intelligence

He took to Instagram to report it, "I just stepped off set. My director Rawson Thurber just ran up to -- I had a little accident -- he said, 'Are you bleeding?' I said, 'Bleed?' Heh. I ain't got time to bleed." He closed his new tagline with, "Alright, let's pop this sonofabitch back in."

A New Line Cinema rep confirmed for Variety that it was just a prosthetic hand -- you just got pranked!

Check it out:

I ain't got time to bleed..

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