Ronda Rousey Struts Her Stormtrooper Gear

The former UFC bantamweight champ shows her inner-nerdness.

Ronda Rousey Struts Her Stormtrooper Gear

There's no doubt Ronda Rousey will be back in the Octagon at some point to try and regain the UFC title she lost to challenger Holly Holm. For now however, it looks like she's just showing some love for the new Star Wars movie opening in theaters across the country today.

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In her recent Instagram post, Rousey proudly donned her stormtrooper outfit for all to see. Not 100% sure who the dude is in the middle, but judging from the size of him, we're guessing it might be Rousey's UFC heavyweight, boyfriend Travis Browne

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is expected to be a huge success at the box office that few venues will ever match, unless of course that venue is The Return of Rousey vs. Holm.

About last night.... Star Wars was awesome .... I'm the stormtrooper

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