Skinny Cricket Player makes Monster Transformation

Take a look at the monstrous, 6’8” Martyn Ford who’s from West Midlands, United Kingdom. Ford, now a 33 year-old father, made a groundbreaking transformation in the gym after a cricket injury left him feeling distraught about his physique when he was 20 years old and weighing only a buck-fifty. Ford shares with the, “The injury hit me quite hard and then psychologically I just gave up, ‘I suppose a combination of not training and depression took me right down to that sort of weight.” 

His solution: starting a rigourous weight-training program, which allowed him to put on weight quickly and regain self-confidence. 

Now at 326 pounds, he can deadlift 771 pounds and leg press close to the weight of a smart car. Ford owns a gym called Beta Bodz and has an army of followers on social media; he’s also aspiring to launch a film career that will showcase his hard work. To kick off the film career, Ford will make his first big screen appearance as Koshmar in Undisputed 4, which is set to be released in early 2016. In the film, Koshmar is nicknamed Nightmare — giving Ford a a reputation that has become a reality. 

And according to the, Ford hits the gym for an hour four days a week — stressing his rest periods are a priority when he’s trying to tack on more size. 

Turn to Ford’s Instagram page to get a closer look at some motivational gym pics and crushing workout images.  

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