Sylvester Stallone decided to give us all a late Christmas present by confirming that Creed II will hit theaters on Nov. 21, 2018, according to IMDB. In Stallone’s Instagram post below, he confirms a November release date—something that’s been speculated for months now. 

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Take a look at the post below:

The date on the poster itself reads December 25, but it appears to be a fan-made poster that Sly reposted, adding that the movie will be released in November 2018.

For months now, Stallone has been posting on Instagram to reveal fragments of information about the plot. It appears that Ivan Drago from the iconic Rocky IV will make a return in some capacity. We also know that Stallone is no longer directing the film.

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Over Christmas, Sly appears to have gotten himself a rather large Rocky statue for his own house, and Arnold Schwarzenegger himself came over to take a look.

The Rocky franchise clearly has a cemented legacy, and it appears that Creed is on its way to earning a seat at the same table.

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