Breaking into the Gronk Boys Club would take a special type of female athlete. One, you better be fit. Also, being a Pats fan goes a long way. And third, you should want to possess the ability to hit All-Pro Pats tight end Rob Gronkowski over the middle on third and long.

New England resident, IFBB bikini model, and Instagram football trick-shot extraordinaire Callie Bundy fits all three, making her an obvious choice to represent Gronk Fitness as its first female brand ambassador, according to Dan Gronkowski, brother of Rob and a former NFL tight end.

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“I was looking for somebody who was athletic and fit the brand, and she did perfectly,” Dan says.

Bundy and the Gronkowski brothers became connected after working with Rob on a recent photo shoot. “I grew up in New England and have always appreciated the Patriots culture,” she says. “So now being a part of Team Gronk just gives me another reason to be a fan #gopats!”

If you haven’t seen her shot, it’s worth checking out. In the video, which has close to 185,000 views so far, the right-hander, with Tom Brady-like precision, launches and nails a target from nearly 40 yards out.

“I’m self taught, which everyone loves to point out how much they hate my form,” Bundy jokes. “But it’s just a converted softball throw, because playing third base I throw from my ear with my elbow in and really get most of my power from my core. As a former athlete, I know if I was ever taught properly it would make a difference but it was always just something I did for fun. Not shocking to anyone, there were no football teams for girls where I grew up, but I always just liked throwing the football around. So that’s what I did.”   

Bundy’s addition to Gronk Fitness will bring the much-needed female fitness perspective addition to Team Gronk, the family’s ever-expanding fitness empire that features their signature line of training equipment as well as original fitness programs, such as the workout that will be featured in the October issue of Muscle & Fitness. “I am going to help women build athletic bodies through sports-related movements and show them why they should be lifting weights,” she says.

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However, before Bundy became a full-fledged member of Team Gronk, there was one final hurdle to clear, according to Dan: “I had to clear it by Rob to make sure she was cool and that he didn’t put any moves on her, if you know what I mean.”