For those who don’t remember, bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes had a few unkind things to say about the Ronda Rousey following UFC 207. During the post-fight interview below with Joe Rogan, Nunes said, “I knew I was going to beat the s**t out of Ronda Rousey a long time ago.” She then added, “F**k Ronda Rousey, now she is going to retire and go do movies, she already has a lot of money.”

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At the time of the fight there wasn’t much backlash surrounding her comments, but clearly the ‘Lioness’ was not comfortable with what she said. In her Instagram post she stated, “I was overwhelmed with adrenaline, emotion and hurt at the time. I want to apologize to Ronda. Her fans and mine and the UFC as well. Ronda is an amazing athlete and has done so much for this sport.” 

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Nunes at the time was clearly upset about her lack of promotion heading into the fight compared to Rousey who everyone was focused on. She definitely showed the class of a champion, which we and probably the UFC appreciate.