Vin Diesel Shared the Love on Valentine's Day

The buff, action-star posed shirtless behind a bouquet of roses for a heartfelt selfie.

Happy V day...

A photo posted by Vin Diesel (@vindiesel) on

Valentine's Day has come and gone, but we couldn't resist sharing this past weekend's Instagram post from big screen, tough guy, Vin Diesel. Does the picture put to rest the condition of Diesel's action-star physique? You may recall late last year, Diesel was questioned about his midsection's lack of 'firmness' after an unflattering, shirtless photo made the rounds. 

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This recent selfie posted on Diesel's Instagram page however should help quiet the doubters. Definitely no 'dad bod' there, as the Furious star shows off some muscle and spreads some Valentine's Day cheer.

The buff 48 year old actor had one simple message. 'Happy V day...' Was it directed toward one specific person or just a general shout out to his millions of followers? We may never know, but it's good to see one of our favorite big screen badasses has a softer side that has nothing to do with his physique.